WMatsui - Because I Care

I’ve lost my original plot in the middle of typing this OTZ

So sorry if it makes you bored when reading it ;_;


Matsui Rena felt a bit relieved when she read her Google+ stream. Jurina had updated her account, informing that she’s hospitalized now. At least now she knows that fact. It’s already late on the night when she read that, so she decided to visit Jurina the day after and mailed the agency to ask the hospital’s address and room number.

It’s been more than a week since Jurina took a rest after Saitama Super Arena. No information besides of their theatre manager, Yuasa’s tweet and other Medias that influenced by 2channel. Akimoto-sensei didn’t post anything on the Google+, too. Later, Jurina updated her Ameblo and Google+ account, but the contents didn’t really prove that she’s alright. Rena just shared Jurina’s post on Google+ and added some words to encourage the fans.

Actually, she too, is worried about Jurina’s condition. Some news that spreads on the net made her even more worried than before. But she realized that even she knows how Jurina is now, she couldn’t do anything for her. So she decided to wait.


Matsui Jurina ate her meal slowly, so the infusion won’t shift. Now she is hospitalized after her management and mother forced her to go to the hospital. Actually she really didn’t want to be hospitalized like this, with plenty of work and else. She didn’t want to make her fellow members to worry about her, too. But her body just doesn’t listen to her, screaming for a total rest.  So for now she obliged and went to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed that it’s just dizziness from the lacked of sleep and overworked, so she will be alright after having a rest for a few days. And to force her from doing anything that made her have less rest, she was hospitalized.

“Mom,” she called her mom, who is tidying her things for the hospitalization, “I want to eat your meat spaghetti…” she put down the chopsticks to the bowl.

Jurina’s mom stopped tidying for a second, and continued again, “After you fully recover, I’ll make it for you. Now you should rest and eat what the hospital gives you,” she smiled to her only child.

She pouted, but couldn’t say anything against her mom’s words. It’s true after all. Now that she’s hospitalized, she couldn’t eat just everything. So at least she should recover and get out of the hospital. After finished her meal, she decided to sleep since she has nothing to do; and even she wanted to do something, the nurse and her mom wouldn’t allow her to.


A night passed from her first day of hospitalization. It’s seven in the morning when she woke up; her infusion tube is already changed. Looks like the infusion liquid ran out in the middle of night. That’s when she felt that her blanket is being pented-up by something heavy. Jurina pointed her eyes to the girls who are sleeping soundly beside her; it’s her fellow Team S member, Matsui Rena.

“Oh, you finally wake up,” her mom entered the room; put a vase with some flowers on it above a small table near the bed, “You should let her be. She came here just to see you, the hospital staff didn’t allow her to since it’s still early in the morning. I coincidentally met her on the front gate and told the staff that she’s our relative. I’ll leave for a while; don’t do anything careless, okay?”

“Mom, I won’t do anything with this infusion, and especially when there’s someone who are sleeping beside me like this,” she had her mischievous smile while pointed her finger to the sleeping Rena.

After sent her mom with a smile, Jurina stared at the older girl. Doesn’t she have work to do today? Why did she even bother to visit me, early in the morning like this? She didn’t understand what Rena thinks about this. She strokes Rena’s hair, and then her cheeks slowly.

“…I really don’t understand you, Rena-chan,” That’s when she heard a response.

“So do I…”

At first she thought that Rena is sleep-talking, but then she realized that Rena is completely awake. She has awake when Jurina’s mom went out from the room. Rena fixed her bangs and remains silent after that. It felt a bit awkward, knowing that Rena heard her words and even answered it with something that made her confused now. The two of them remained silent, no one dare to talk to each other.

“Matsui-san, it’s your breakfast,” the nurse broke the silence, opened the door while pushing a cart.

Rena stood up and helping the nurse to prepare the meal, put the table and the meal above it. The nurse excuses herself while smiling to both of them and added, “Matsui-san, you have such a nice older sister. Now rest well so you won’t make her worry,”

But she isn’t my older sister, that’s what Jurina thought, but she kept it on my mind. She’s about to reaching the chopsticks to eat her breakfast when Rena took it first.

“I’ll help you. Open your mouth now,” she pointed the chopsticks with grain of rice on it to Jurina’s mouth.

Jurina is confused with the older girl’s sudden action, but then she realized a pierced look on Rena’s smiling face so she decided not to resist. She ate silently, let the older girl to feed her. After she finished her meal, Jurina tried to starts a conversation. But because of the curiosity, she makes it to the point.

“…Rena-chan, are you angry?”

Rena stared at the younger Matsui, who looks confused and scared, “Yes, I am,” she answered, “but it’s because I care about you yet I couldn’t do anything for you,” she squeezed her hands.

“I’m sorry…” Jurina looked down, with her puppy eyes-like; feeling guilty to make her fellow member became desperate like that because of her. She didn’t want this kind of thing to happen.

Oh, not those face again. It makes me to forgive everything. But Rena still tried to act tough.

“If you feel guilty, rest properly from now on and recover completely,” Rena stroked her head repeatedly. The younger girl smiled widely because of her action. Then a sudden call broke the mood. Her manager called her; it’s time to go to work.

“It’s okay, my mom will come back later; just go,” Jurina smiled to Rena, who still refrains to leave her behind, and then added, “Rena-chan, thank you. I love you,” with a brightest smile she could do.

Rena’s eyes widened for a second, and answered back the younger girl, “I love you, too,” and then go away from the room. Her heartbeat is suddenly speeding up, her face feels so hot. So this is what you called “love”.

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